team support

Heather is the non-racing member of the team. Although not on the track, she is essential and has contributed greatly to any successes they have had.

One week before every race event she is already planning and packing the track meals and other essentials. At the track she keeps them focused and on schedule. Her organizational skills are truly impressive. Although often working with limited facilities, she remains efficient and effective in every situation. Her track mantra is “If I don’t have it – you don’t need it,” and it’s usually true. She produces healthy, nutritious meals at a moments notice. She keeps lap times during practice sessions. She keeps lists of what goes in the race trailer and makes sure the team checks it. If someone has a birthday, she’ll somehow produce a cake. She bakes wonderful cookies at the track – on the barbecue!

She always has a plan or a solution no matter what problem arises and is always proud and supportive of the team’s accomplishments.